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The Programming skill represents your character’s ability to write computer programs. It is a process that usually requires planning and a good amount of time. Programming cannot be used for attack or defense in a cyberwarfare situation, for that you need Cracking.

o Overcome: Programming allows you to overcome obstacles by means of writing or understanding a computer program. You can also use it to create primitive AI systems, but for anything above the mental sophistication of a reptile, you need AI creator.

c Create an Advantage: You can use Programming to create things like automated routines, search engines, tweak the autopilot settings of a spacecraft, or even set up an alarm system.

Programming Stunts

• Automated security specialist. +2 on Programming rolls made to create an advantage whenever you’re creating automated defense protocols.
• Autopilot scripter. +2 to create an advantage rolls whenever you’re creating autopilot scripts.

Stunt family: AI Creator

• AI Creator. You can create advanced artificial intelligence systems, capable of autonomous action and decision making. Because the creation of advanced AI’s is more complex than regular Computers tasks, the default difficulty is much greater (usually about 2 levels). When an AI is created you state what you intended the AI to be like and, the GM will give it two personality aspects: one hidden, and one open. If you work together with a robotics expert, you can create some truly spectacular results.
• AI personality expert. When you create an AI, you may spend a fate point to veto the AI’s open personality aspect, or you may spend one fate point to reveal the AI’s hidden personality aspect.
• AI empathizer. You can use Programming in place of Empathy whenever you’re interacting with AI’s.

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