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The Subs

“We might not be as rich as those Goldies, but we’ve got all the charm and humility they lack.”
—Pjotr Emblem, Marshal of Glesnin Valley, Darkstone.

The Subs has got more than twice as many planets as the Locks, but less than half the populace. In one sense, it’s a frontier, where new human settlements crop up at fairly regular intervals. It is also, however, a place where humans have to make significant use of technology in order to breathe, grow food, have access to water, not freeze to death and not die of radiation exposure, and this makes the Subs a profoundly different place. Settlements in the Subs are usually domed cities and communities. If the settlement is small or very new, it might just consist of a few sealed buildings linked together. Some planets even have underground settlements, where heat from the core provides energy, like on Vilnatz where a huge natural network of caves have been colonized. The people of the Subs think of themselves as the sharper, tougher, and more quick witted cousins of the Goldies, as they call people from the Locks: they all know that living in the locks is easier, but they all choose the charm of the Subs anyway. Or at least, that is the popular myth.

The most densely populated worlds in the Subs are host to a little more than a billion people. Most have much fewer.

Common aspects

Not as soft as the Goldies; recent settlement; not so rich, but free; the outside kills you quick.


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