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The Outs

“Not many people venture out as far as this. Not many have reason to. Some think they do, but they probably don’t. Still, out here you can escape from anything, even life.”
—Veike Tarker-Vin, beggar on Farpoint station.

The Outs is a lonely place. There are many planets and planetoids here, but they are spaced out so that travel distances are far greater than in the inner rings, and even than in the Sea. Very few humans live here, and those who do are not what most would call normal. They are hermits, incredibly secluded families, peculiar sects, secret societies and extremely shady researchers. You are not in the outs unless you want to be alone for some reason, and you will not survive in the outs unless you brought everything you need with you. There are only about two locations in the Outs that are visited on anything close to a regular basis: Farpoint station on Drissta and Edward Cassnac’s Inn at the End of Paradise, an outrageously expensive restaurant, as well as a farewell station for those brave few who venture out into the void between the stars.

In the Outs, humans live on stations and other artificial environments with life-support. Anything from one to fifty people are probably the most common numbers.

Common aspects

Vast and cold and empty; isolated from others; secretive people, secretive places; uncharted planetoids drifting; the edge of the known world.

Some notable planets and places

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