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The Locks

“Here we live, here we prosper; here are humanity’s best.”
—Vebel Chilla, spokesperson of the Unionites of Takala

The Locks is in many ways Eden’s main sector. All of the most influential organizations are based here, among the planets friendliest to human habitation. All of the planets in the Locks have breathable atmospheres and temperatures in the livable range. This is where the terraforming guild has been most active in shaping the planets, simply because this is and was the area most suitable to be terraformed. Nearly all worlds in the Locks are prosperous and they represent Eden’s high, diverse culture. If there is one thing that most cultures in the Locks have in common, it is that they are products of abundance: abundance of wealth, resources, land and, also, ideas.

Some planets in the Locks are densely populated, but most only host a few billion people.

Common aspects

Bountiful, culturally diverse, artistically minded populace, beautiful and naïve, tourist destination.


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