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The Flint

“Where the work is hard and the living is rough, hey ho, hey ho; the children of Flint are born to be tough, hey ho, hey ho…”
—Worker’s chant, Treos foundries.

This is where most of Eden's stuff gets made. The Flint is Eden’s industrial ring, where valuable metals are mined and entire planets are covered with factories, some with huge orbital arrays collecting energy from the sun. Most of the planets here are too hot for human comfort, and those that are not are seldom inviting. Almost all the people living there are workers, and they are usually not afraid of admitting it, sometimes loudly. If there is a cesspit of discontent in Eden, you’ll find it in the Flint.

Humans in the flint live in specially constructed habitats: half-orbiting stations, ground based stations and domes, and underground bases. Even the most densely populated worlds host at most a few million people.

Common aspects:

Hot as hell; discontented miners; a world of jobs and workers; industrial city world.


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