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The Belt

“Here in the Roids we make our own rules. You don’t have to play by them, but if you don't you are likely to die by them.”
—Pear Fitzgerald, patron of Firehold Station.

The belt is a weird place. Although there is no official interplanetary government in Eden, most of the planets subscribe to a sort of implicit political code which ensures peace and stability. Trade and interplanetary travel are regulated by common and universally accepted laws that date back to the Colony Years and the Trueport Era (about 800 years ago). In the belt, things are… different. Here, the local sectors of space are ruled by the clan, gang, or society that controls it, and this can change rapidly. In the Belt, a large number of these are caught in a constant struggle for dominance and power, and in fact, the Belt the only place in Eden where armed conflict is commonplace. The organizations of the Belt are widely diverse, ranging from Mafia -like crime families (The Peltezio Family) and anarchist space-pirates (Kahir’s Band of the Weeping Sun and Salar the Silent’s Bardendrakkar) all the way to occasionally violent Buddhist sects (Monks of Void and Star). In order to cross the belt, you’ll need to broker a deal with one of them. The only officially, and reliably, neutral place in the belt is Rivendell Station (“the last homely house”) where Maggie the Immortal runs her infamous establishment and strict nonviolence rules are enforced.

Humans in the belt live on stations, both free-floating and moored to asteroids, as well as small domed cities on asteroids, and even some inside hollowed out asteroids or in cave networks. Populations on these usually number in the thousands or hundreds, or less.

Common aspects

Here be Pirates; a rock with no name; contested territory; here we make our own rules.

Some notable locations

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